automatic sprinkler system watering the lawn close up
Irrigation Systems

Newman Irrigation and Plumbing is a local sprinkler system installation company based in Glenview, IL that has been in business for over 35 years. We have installed thousands of irrigation and sprinkler systems in Chicago’s northshore. We also install, replace and maintain RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Valves which are a required component of all sprinkler systems in the State of Illinois.

As an experienced irrigation contractor we have established our own system specifications that include products and methods that are not available or are extra cost options from competitors.

  • All systems include automatic drains so winterizing does not require blow out (or a service visit)
  • Designed so homeowner can start up and shut down system seasonally (or we can provide start up/shut down)
  • RPZ’s installed indoors
  • All underground wire splices soldered then shielded
  • We only service our own work
  • We take responsibility for all underground wires or pipes and don’t pass that on to you
  • Systems designed to provide proper irrigation to sunny or shady areas
  • Drip irrigation for flower pots where required
  • Exclusive use of high performance Rain Bird brand components
  • 35 + years experience
  • All systems designed by licensed plumber
  • Fully Insured
  • 2 year warranty

When you choose Newman, your system will be efficient, durable, and low maintenance. Installation can be completed in as little as 2 days with zero damage to your lawn.

Our standard installations include rare or unique practices that are paid extras or sales gimmicks to our competitors. Our owner Greg personally lays out every job. Our in-house licensed plumber performs your systems water connection. All work is performed by our team. We do not use subcontractors! 

We have a unique process which installs your system RPZ valve inside your home. They are expensive mechanical devices so they should be installed in the mechanical room, where they are protected from the extremes of weather.

We install automatic drains so winterizing requires no blow out. We solder all underground wire splices. We bury all our valve vault boxes out of the way. Special attention is given to sunny areas verses shady areas. We will water your flower pots with drip irrigation if desired. We will install hose spigots anywhere you desire. Timer wires are secured or fished behind walls. We will help you out by making suggestions and doing extra work. We take responsibility for all buried wires, lines or pipes, not you.

The main components used will be RainBird, the rest is a carefully selected blend of proven materials including Cresline brand 100 psi test poly pipe, the most expensive and oldest poly pipe company. The parkway heads are triangulated. The lawn and the beds receive coverage, not the lawn only.

Newman Irrigation & Plumbing is a Rain Bird Select Contractor.

Product Specifications

The main components used will be RainBird, the rest is a carefully selected blend of proven materials including Cresline brand poly pipe, the most expensive and oldest poly pipe company.

Local Sprinkler Installation Contractor Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor

Rain Bird 5000 Series Rotor

The 5000 Series Rotor is a rugged mid-range gear-drive rotary sprinkler, offering durability, performance, and the convenience of arc adjustment from the top, for residential and light commercial applications.

Local Sprinkler Installation Contractor 1800 Series High Efficiency Spray Heads with Dual Spray & HEVAN Nozzles

Rain Bird 1800 Spray

1800 Series Spray Heads have first-rate quality built in for reliable operation and long life. Their superior components and features make them the spray heads of choice for a wide variety of applications.

Local Sprinkler Installation Contractor Rain Bird ESP-me with LNK WiFi Modular Controller

Rain Bird ESP-me with LNK WiFi Modular Controller

Another example of Rain Bird’s legendary reliability, the ESP-me with LNK WiFi Modular offers industry-leading surge protection, temperature tolerance and rugged construction. It improves upon Rain Bird’s already easy-to-use ESP style of programming with a large, easy to read display and intuitive programming sequence, making this the most user-friendly irrigation controller in its class.

Local Sprinkler Installation Contractor WR2RFC - WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor Combo

Rain Bird Rain Sensor

Hard wired so there are never any batteries to replace. This high quality product saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions. The RSD Series Rain Sensor offers the flexibility of multiple rainfall settings with just the twist of a dial, an adjustable vent ring to control drying time.

Local Sprinkler Installation Contractor Rain Bird CP & CPF In-line Automatic Sprinkler Valves

Rain Bird Valves

Rain Bird’s family of residential valves offer outstanding performance in any type of soil or water condition. Innovative designs guarantee a long operating life, low initial cost and little maintenance. Their heavy duty construction means you won’t have to worry, because these valves are on the job…out of sight, of course.