Local Irrigation and Plumbing Company in Business for 45 plus years!Newman Lawn Sprinkling Systems was one of the few Chicago area irrigation companies that pioneered the industry and is still in business today. We are a second generation company, which has given me more field experience than 90% of the competition, but it doesn’t stop there, I also have formal irrigation and plumbing training, both necessary in this trade. The training process of my installers incorporates this collective knowledge and advanced techniques. My career employees are appreciated; this is vital to a healthy company, in which the customer benefits. Although the industry has changed drastically since my Dad’s time, we still install one signature system at a time.

A lifetime of experience elevates our company from others; it takes twenty years for seasoned companies to emerge. I did my first repair job on an all copper system in 1975, I was 18. The years of direct exposure working on every make and model, means I know what endures and what doesn’t. Irrigation is deceptively complicated; to the layman it appears simple, but far from the truth. It requires the application of a combination of trades and a diversity of knowledge; no two systems are completely the same (and no two companies do it the same way). It is crucial to get it right the first time, unfortunately young companies learn at the expense of the customer. We continue to evolve upward! With all this, our systems last a lifetime.

Remember, choose wisely!