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Sump Pumps &
Battery Back-Ups

Newman Irrigation and Plumbing is a local licensed plumber based in Glenview, IL that can install or replace sump pumps and battery backups!

Sump Pumps, Battery Backups & Water Powered BackupsWater damage to basements from power outages to sump pumps can be destructive and expensive. Newman Irrigation and Plumbing can install sump pump backup devices that will help protect your home.

As a licensed plumbing contractor serving Chicago and its North suburbs for 45+ years, our objective is to provide the best quality services and products to serve our clients as we would serve our own families. In all our years experience, we have learned that the HB 1000 made by Base Pump Co. is the most effective back-up solution for sump pumps. It is hands down, the best one out there.

When power is lost and the sump water rises over the primary pump, a float valve sends a water signal that triggers the backup. It uses 1 gallon of city water to remove 2 gallons or more of sump water. The pump will then operate continuously until electric power is restored.

If you are seeking a local plumber or plumbing contractor in Chicago’s suburbs to assist you with the installation or replacement of sump pumps, battery backups Contact Newman Irrigation and Plumbing for a free quote today!