automatic sprinkler system watering the lawn close up
Local Irrigation &
Sprinkler System Company
We install automatic drains
so winterizing requires no blow out!
Master of copper pipe cutting, special cutting tool
Local Re-Piping Specialist
We can replace all your old galvanized steel pipes with new copper piping or PEX Tubing!
Local Landscape
Lighting Contractor
We design and install your landscape lighting system, including the poly pipe (conduit) and electrical wiring required.
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We are a local sprinkler irrigation system and plumbing company that has been serving Glenview, IL for over 45 years.

Local Sprinkler Irrigation and Plumber in Glenview and Nearby Landscape Lighting Sump Pump Plumbing CompanyNewman Irrigation and Plumbing specializes in installing and maintaining sprinkler irrigation systems, landscape lighting, drainage, drain tile and plumbing services including interior copper re-piping, sump pump installations, battery back-up systemsRPZ testing and more.

We also install, replace and maintain RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) Valves which are a required component of all sprinkler systems in the State of Illinois.

As a local irrigation company we have installed sprinkler systems for thousands of homeowners in the area. We take a unique approach to installing irrigation systems. Our standard system specifications include products and methods that are not available, or are available at an extra cost options from competitors.   You can learn more about what sets us apart from all the other irrigation contractors by reviewing our sprinkler system service page.

If you are seeking a local irrigation system installation company, or plumbing contractor in Glenview, IL 60022 & 60093 or nearby, contact Newman Irrigation and Plumbing!